The following contains major plot details and/or spoilers of Control and its expanded media. I just wish there were 20 Control DLCs, not two. Dies kann folgende Ursachen haben: Here you'll cleanse your first new Control Point. Activate it and go to the opposite side of the room to grab the Power Core. The Objects of Power remain the real stars of the show. Namensgebend ist das fiktive Federal Bureau of Control. Control has two different DLC storylines for you to explore - The Foundation and AWE.Before you start playing either of these DLC adventures though, you need to … Inside of the sector, Jesse is contacted by Frederick Langston, who tells her to eliminate Hartman so that the sector can be retaken. “Gerbil Took the Top Head” might be one of the weirdest gaming experiences I’ve had in a while; the Eagle Limited Object of Power provides one of Control’s more touching moments and cleverly expands on the game’s lore; the incredibly meta “Shüm” offers a challenge you may regularly return to. But nonetheless, you still get hooked. Pull the vent out and go through the doorway. Destroy them and float to the room. Remedy also finally added an “unread” tab to its document lists, meaning you can catch up on your reading and get rid of those annoying red triangles in the menus–for about five minutes, until you pick up another 13 power-ups. Towards the end, you will see a yellow tarp. I’m a British writer and avid videogame fan. Mikael Kasurinen Go into the next room and the bottom you will see Hiss in the doorway. Keep following the yellow cables that start from the wall to the generators. How to start the AWE DLC in Control If you want to complete the AWE DLC for Control and explore the Investigations Sector, you first need to ensure that you've correctly downloaded the … Use it to clear the Darkness blocking your path through the metal detector. 07.08.2020 13:21 Uhr. To do so, head along the track until you see a light platform with a Hiss. In dem just veröffentlichten Trailer ist nämlich für kurze Zeit seine Stimme zu hören. There’s no subtlety here: you cleary explore both AWEs, then fight a boss. It only got worse from there. The new AWE expansion for Control brings you back to the enigmatic and labyrinthine Oldest House to investigate new mysteries. And as we all know, we’re not getting any more from Control. Ihr könnt uns als PC Games-Supporter dabei unterstützen, dass wir unsere Inhalte auch weiterhin in gewohnter Form kostenlos anbieten können, ohne eine Paywall einzuführen oder Clickbait-News à la "Und ihr werdet nicht glauben, was dann passierte..." zu veröffentlichen. Starting with the appropriately named mission A Dark Place, you will be sent back into the depths of the Oldest House to uncover new mysteries and face new threats. Jeder Beitrag, ob groß oder klein, ist wertvoll. Go inside and interact with the desk light which will prompt the hotline to go off back at the desk. Open the grate on the right. Hit the right button to move the trolley to the right. Now resembling a combination of the Slender Man and a Leshen from The Witcher 3, Hartman is effectively immortal when in the darkness.

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