We manufacture Paint Booths at our 67,000 square foot plant in Greensboro, NC. And just like the projects you may be getting ready to start, there are a multitude of booths to choose from. Sometimes buying used things is okay. Buying a used booth may hinder your ability to get a permit to use it. Buy direct from America's leading manufacturer of quality automotive paint booths for auto body shop spray painting applications. Like Standard’s, these booths are constructed out of heavy steel and have an easy-to-change filtration system. Their cheapest open-faced booth starts at $2,384. Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth with LED Lighting for Painting Al… Our many years of experience in the collision repair industry helped us to distribute superior products and manufacturer better paint booths. The purpose of an automotive paint booth is to control the environmental conditions while spray-painting a vehicle. Prices vary, depending on the style of booth. Billing is typically by the hour. Cross-draft booths are a slightly more expensive paint booth. Choice of Finishes Choose between our standard galvanized paint booth finish or our optional white powder coating. Spray painting booths are a commonly used piece of equipment in many different industries. And we are here to help you find them! Global Finishing Solutions offers some more high-end spray paint booth options. Are you considering purchasing some cheap spray paint booths? Save big this November! Some booths may be big enough to fit on a counter. We’ll help you find the best paint booth for you. Anyone who uses spray paint knows that keeping your space and your final product clean can be hard. They must be compliant with current environmental standards. Unfortunately, buying something used may seem like a great cheap way to get a paint booth but it may just become a headache in the end. Or can take up an entire garage. Maybe you can build a booth yourself out of some basic supplies you can find at any hardware store. Downdraft booths usually feature a monitoring system that tests for air quality and particulates. Open front booths are fairly basic. They offer all types from open-faced to cross-draft to downdraft. These three companies offer industrial style booths like we discussed above. Spray paint booths are common in industrial markets. But in the case of booths, buying used is definitely a bad idea. The largest booth is around 12 feet, which limits the size of project you may be able to do. This booth features an intake that draws air from the ceiling and expels it from the floor or side walls. Spray paint booths are fairly common tools these days. Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth. Used booths may also be hard to repair or find replacement parts for. Spray paint booths can cost as little as $1,999 for a quality base model, to around $5,000 for a few more top end desirable features. Unlike Standard and Global Finishing, their size of booths are limited. These booths filter out fumes, paint particles and keep your work surface clean. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more! Compare the cost and save here. Cost is usually the deciding factor of many projects and we made sure to provide the best booths at the cheapest cost for you. But there is an important tool you can use to make your life a bit easier. Air and dust can easily get caught in an open front paint booth, making quality control difficult. Wondering if they are affordable in 2020? But not all alternative options are great options. We were the first manufacturer to sell paint booths online directly to the customer. They keep overspray to a minimum but are not great for high-finish products. It not only protects the mechanic but protects the finished product. The cross-flow paint booth features an economical, tilt-panel design with an interior and exterior powder-coated finish for lasting quality. Automotive paint booths typically consist of four major components, including the paint area, exhaust fan and chamber, product doors and, in some cases, an air make-up unit. The most expensive booth is the downdraft booth. Are used paint booths a thriftier option? Their most expensive open-faced option is over 10 feet tall and comes in at around $5,000. But it is the one with the best space at a decent price. These can be legal. Like Standard and Global Finishing, Auto Body Toolmart has its own economical booth. They are designed to optimize airflow and keep dust and dirt away from painted projects. These paint booths are over 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall, making them great for smaller projects. But that doesn’t mean they have to break the bank to do so. We do not accept cheap import imitation booths! Hopefully, this made it a bit easier to compare prices of ready-made booths. This could become more a nuisance than it’s really worth. There are always options. First of all, this paint booth is … Sign up to our newsletter & Receive Savings In Your Inbox. For simplistic and economical web design, an hourly rate for a single designer is normally between $35 and $70, but for skilled developers designing custom web sites, hourly rates can stretch well over $150. Like pretty much anything these days, there is usually an alternative option to a spray paint booth. A well-made paint booth will have air flow, a filtration system and can fit your project. Automotive Paint Booths. Powder coating can increase lighting by up to 50%. 5343 N 16th St #900 Save big this November! Save $150 on the 10' ETL-Listed Open Face Paint Booth Save $250 on the Mid-Size Finishing Booth Save $350 on the Cross Flow Paint Booth Save $450 on the Semi Downdraft Paint Booth Save $550 on the Side Downdraft Paint Booth Offers expire 11/26/2020. Below are three companies that offer several kinds of paint booths, of varying cost. This one seems like a great option for anyone interested in a fairly inexpensive industrial paint booth. But open front booths are easy to make and are great for DIYers.

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