They interpreted the Law with a strict literalism that often caused them to violate the very spirit of it. Jesus was not A Pharisee. This he said was a continuation of a “school of prophets” begun by Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, and Melchizedek. According to Cayce, Jesus was an Essene along with Mary and Joseph who were affiliated with the Essene community at Mount Carmel. In 2007, at an Easter talk, Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged that the home where Jesus had his last meal was an Essene home, and his second volume of Jesus of Nazareth (2011) mentions the Essenes in general and in specific in the context of Jesus’ “Last Supper”. Some have seen a prototype of Jesus in their "Teacher of Righteousness," and both John the Baptist and Jesus have been assigned membership in … They too, had been around for a hundred years at that point in time. Attempts have been made to equate aspects of the beliefs of the Qumran community with the origins of Christianity. Now the Essenes aren't a new group in Jesus' day. Essenes and Christianity. They added to it oral tradition that often conflicted with the very Law they claimed to hold so dear. This suggests that Jesus was clearly associated with the Essenes.

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