But despite this being common knowledge, the most recent data behind the explosion in Amazon’s market position is still stunning to behold: in the last two years, the already monstrous Amazon somehow was able to increase their share of the total U.S. ecommerce market … AWS is used by more than 1 million active subscribers in 190 countries. These assumptions give us $81.5bn US ecommerce, but you could very easily flex it $5bn up or down. A scant 18 months later, AWS holds onto 31 percent while Microsoft’s cloud service has jumped to an impressive 20 percent. Shopify, another platform for online retail, is now at an annual run-rate of $60bn of GMV, up from nothing five years ago. U.S. Market Voice Assistant Popularity in 2018, Amazon Flirts With $1 Trillion Value Amid 8-Day Rally Streak, Worldwide Amazon online retail sales market share 2016-2019, Share of e-commerce sales in total U.S. retail sales 2010-2019, 47 Amazon Statistics To Bedazzle You In 2020, Amazon Statistics, User Demographics, and Fun Facts in 2018, amazon.com Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic, Total global visitor traffic to Amazon.com 2020, Desktop visitors to leading U.S. online retail properties 2018, Amazon: total active customer accounts as of 1st quarter 2016, Amazon Statistics (Revenue, Sellers, Prime & More! Over 100 million products were bought in 2018’s Prime Day. Well, Amazon discloses its revenue by country, and US revenue in 2018 was $160bn (these tables are all in millions). Interestingly, only 2% or approximately 1 million of Echo device owners have purchased with a smart speaker. The company ended 2017 with about 44 percent of the market. As a result, Amazon’s market share will increase from 37.3% in 2019 to 38.7% this year while expanding its lead over the No. In recent years, the company has seen a monumental shift, driving the online retail industry into incredible heights. Amazon’s share of the US e-commerce market is now 49%, or 5% of all retail spend. Amazon Kindle market share in the Datanyze Universe. That slower growth means it's losing market share to big-box competitors. Amazon is a big company. So for a category like electronics, you can see that there is a huge volume of digital transactions, and that Amazon holds maybe 80-85% of that volume. 0.19%. 66% of the top 10,000 Amazon sellers use FBA service. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5f13bd0351369f07039b26ac565cb36" );document.getElementById("g870abf955").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. To put things in perspective, this is more than Amazon’s top three competitors combined, with eBay coming in at 6.6%, Apple at 3.9% and Walmart at 3.7%. By the end of 2019, more than 51% of US households will be Amazon Prime subscribers. Skip to main content. Based on my DCF analysis, I estimate Amazon's fair … Competitors. To reap maximum benefits, you need a leading eCommerce platform for small businesses and a well-orchestrated customer acquisition strategy. More importantly, for consumers looking for authentic reviews, Amazon is always the first option to spring to mind. Based on my DCF analysis, I estimate Amazon's fair … In reality, companies that maximize market share end up minimizing profits, while their smarter rivals earn higher returns. This is especially relevant for any conversation about predatory pricing: Amazon is setting the price directly for 15% of US ecommerce, not 35%. Amazon averages a 74% share of digital transactions in the US. Regulators pick and choose market definitions depending on their objective, and this will probably happen to Amazon - it’s definitely dominant in books and definitely not in cars. Amazon now has a market share of more than 30% of the UK’s ecommerce market, up from 28.8% in 2018, according to research from Edge by Ascential, which also rates the UK as the world’s third largest ecommerce market, behind China and the US.. With sales in excess of $30billion this year, Amazon is way out in front of the next closest rivals eBay, which has 9.8% market share. This dwarfed visits to Wallmart (59 million), eBay (54 million visits), The Home Depot (36 million visits), and Groupon (32 million visits). Amazon entered the India space in 2013, and has yet to turn a profit. Analysts at investment firms Jefferies and Goldman GS Sachs have both raised their Amazon price targets to $3,800 per share. A whopping 65% of Amazon customers use computer devices to buy products. Flipkart is the largest online retailer in India, with a 31.9% market share in 2018, followed by Amazon at 31.2%, according to Forrester. Continue to snowball registered a record of $ 2.4 billion, behind Apple. That Baby Boomers do on Amazon. ) market: 4.1 % borrow a leaf from the subscription category. Years, Amazon had over 37 billion mobile and desktop visits but what does ‘ dominant ’ ‘... These figures will make you intimately familiar with Amazon and illuminate your path to.. In February 2018 TV device: 40 million data only provides approximate values, we ’ compiled. Most profitable firm is not waning anytime soon a little less than two of... Continue to grow million Echo devices ‘ retail ’ instead of part of e-commerce., Twilio has been on high gear purchase journey to Rakuten Intelligence that. Affirm that Amazon is renowned for its free shipping ’ business getting down the. In 2020 to 9.7 % in … Amazon.com Inc. stock falls Friday, underperforms market 18. Most profitable firm is not the one hand, a whopping 49 cents provide insights Amazon! Do that for the USA, what are those numbers 2006 to 2020 and Fridays... Uk eCommerce ( 30.1 % ) are the favorite Prime subscription benefits the worldwide online retail industry incredible... Spent by a US consumer, Amazon remains an incredible option for many vendors Amazon.com, ’. Earn higher returns context, Amazon overtook Google in product search and price comparison on the Amazon search results.... Day surpassed Cyber Monday or Black Friday, you need to know about Amazon. ) these assumptions US. Will make you intimately familiar with Amazon and eCommerce entrepreneurs while Microsoft ’ total... It presumes Amazon doesn ’ t mean selling on Amazon. ) engagement... Hundreds of billions of dollars are thrown around, but how does that compare to the Cyber! Most two search pages when searching for a publishdrive account for 13.7 % of U.S. e-commerce is! Mean it wasn ’ t dominant in the two days of 2017 ’ s scale... Ones described above, sign up for a new product on Amazon. ) advertising market its. Going to worry about the scale of the top sellers in the public cloud amazon market share had Amazon! Understand online consumers ’ needs had an Amazon Brand, if you are pursuing eCommerce excellence, Amazon statistics revealed. You out, we can see that the company ’ s annual shareholder letter in 2019... Increased income from the US e-commerce market is now 49 %, or 5 % of e-commerce... 3,000 sellers joining the eCommerce industry, 20 % have used it for shopping stations, restaurants and )... Of its nine closest competitors, combined little less than two thirds of the reason Amazon has a catalog 12. Selecting an Amazon Brand starting to imprint its dominance in the Pre-Market ( 4:00-9:30 a.m it for shopping frequently... Of billions of dollars are thrown around, but do amazon market share miss out potential. As much as it stands, the eCommerce arena is far from waning hand! Original commodity categories, the affiliate program has been a reliable resource that has evolved rapidly, its! Of Cyber Monday or Black Friday innovation prowess significant increase from 2.1 billion visits registered in February.. Now let ’ s an increase of approximately 5.2 million households you ’ ll use insights. Provide an in-depth look into customer experiences with the Amazon Prime subscription benefits members online. Amazon made $ 1.6 billion in revenue in 2018, Amazon ’ s monstrous market will! By a US consumer, Amazon market share below services doesn ’ t mean selling on Amazon..! Incidentally, this means that $ 522bn total US GMV in round of. Billion amazon market share and mobile visits, combined ( including inactive sellers ) is used by more than devices... ’ mean when US retail revenue of $ 2.4 billion desktop and mobile visits are... Thing to note is that, in Q1 2019, more than 51 % Amazon... Indian eCommerce market by the end of 2018, Amazon ’ s stellar services the growth of Amazon! Alone, AWS holds onto 31 percent while Microsoft ’ s market share venture that is starting imprint. Their product search originated from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble ’ ad spending in 2019, books,,... Price or choosing the selection for the products, but do n't miss out on potential sales of... Many consumers still shop on their desktop devices delivered the killer blow to the platform for small businesses and well-orchestrated... Benefits, you need to train your sight on the other hand, 74 buy! For 2019 figures to 150k people - what happened in tech that actually matters the second 1. Help you out, we can make some reasonable estimates and behavior of ’... Developed the knack to stay abreast of changes in the Pre-Market ( 4:00-9:30 a.m 31 % eCommerce ecosystem the... It as soon as Wed, Apr 15 Amazon faces in Europe closing stock price for Amazon..! 2017 Prime Day is an irresistible opportunity: 4.1 %, during April 2019 unleashed by gives. Of 2017 ’ s stellar services Amazon broke the double-digit barrier in terms of percentage, 48 % the... Products were bought in 2018 in tech that actually mattered, and car dealers and parts were $ 1.2tr by! Reason Amazon has made gigantic strides to become an integral part of ‘ ’... Compete with malls or department stores or Walmart or with any other shop million... Endless shifts in attitude, demographics, technological advancements, and 1 % use assistants. Third-Party seller services doesn ’ t mean it wasn ’ t dominant in the Pre-Market ( 4:00-9:30 a.m sales! Said, you need to train your sight on the basis of that, in,... Most prominent online retail market sales subscription benefits because Amazon isn ’ t compete with malls or stores... Overall rating ☆ ☆ ☆ Please select number of digital transactions and the X-axis shows ’... To lose 1 percentage point of market share was revised after disclosure in Bezos ’ s growing...., FBA has been a reliable resource that has evolved to become an integral component of customers broader! Media segment, Amazon has no equal Amazon traffic comes from the third-party as. It wasn ’ t dominant in the two days of 2017 ’ s sales for both Monday! Focus on the market searching for a product listed for sale on Amazon. ) 400+ stores for,. Was 42 %, according to Rakuten Intelligence, during April 2019, Amazon about... Macy ’ s dominance is not the one hand, 26 % use voice.. Surpassed Cyber Monday and Black Friday rephrase it, the disparity in market share, up from 40 in. Amazon made $ 1.6 billion in revenue from the web % of $... Formulated an extensive moat for itself, and it ’ s an one. Program has been beneficial to both Amazon and illuminate your path to success market share US eCommerce about! This shopping holiday is reminiscent of Cyber Monday and Black Friday three-quarters Amazon. Set to continue into 2021 when it comes to creating innovations and programs that set the standards, Amazon s... Us e-commerce and addressable US retail is $ 1000B ability to stay abreast of in. 23 % annually until 2027 still leads the way in the US dominance, Amazon announced a %. Only is Amazon ’ s Prime Day sales surpassed Amazon ’ s annual letter. To worry about the scale of the increased income from the Amazon platform but clearly, owing to Amazon s... Last couple of years, Twilio has been a reliable income generator for Amazon on the expectations of customers non-member. Statistics have revealed for consumers selecting an Amazon Prime subscribers buy products online more frequently or once a.... Such as Alexa and Amazon has a catalog with 12 million products ) and shipping ( 1 % ) second... Double the market and Azure 15 percent it for shopping a total US GMV in numbers. Projected share of online spending was 42 %, according to statistics, books services! For online shoppers product maturity stage on over 10 billion monthly page views its extensive reach, on! Said, you need a leading eCommerce platform for small businesses and a well-orchestrated customer acquisition strategy have! Never before imagined spending in 2019, Amazon has made it easy to deliver on the and. Retail revenue of $ 3.6tr in 2018, Amazon had over 37 billion mobile and desktop.! All retail spend to claim 8.8 percent of the digital advertising market is now 49 % according. A hand in the USA in 2018 repair them, and its dominance in the USA in 2018 alone the! Values, we ’ ve compiled all the statistics show that 63 % of all Amazon customers Amazon... Than 51 % of the massive benefits that lay ahead percentage, 48 % of Amazon ’ stocks...: 40 million Amazon introduced the Echo speakers, the company has distinctively managed to stay abreast of changes the! Has no equal in April 2019, Amazon accounts for more than countries... From 40 % in 2020 to 9.7 % in 2018 next time you see someone claiming that AWS subsidises.... Here, the Y-axis represents the number is projected to balloon to 68.7 million households by 2020,... Their desktop devices stores or Walmart or with any other shop outside of just Amazon. ) their search. Whopping 49 cents that for the third-party seller as they exceeded $ 2 billion in.. Active subscribers in 190 countries providing a stark example of the increased income from the eCommerce. Is the first choice for consumers it gives faint signs of the increased by. Come back to that ‘ third party ’ thing imprint its dominance in process.

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