Cogs in the Machine (2014)
Choreography by Christina Acosta
Commissioned by REVolutions Dance
Performed by Dwayne Scheuneman and Marion Kampert/Sea Lee

This piece unveils a vision of an apocalyptic realm, where dancers engage in mesmerizing unpredictable movements. They jolt, twist, and intricately link together, forming magnetic connections that lead to recalibration. The piece delves into profound question, what elements would persist in motion if everything else came to a halt.

In this we explore how the dancers embody the role of the cogs, while a wheelchair symbolically represents the life-sustaining machine that keeps them alive. The choreography delves into the captivating themes of magnetism, the dynamic interplay of space, and shared partnering.

Here is a dance for camera version of the piece.

Performances Include:

  • Beacon Dance Performance, St. Petersburg, FL |2021
  • Versatility Dance Festival, Denver, CO |2020
  • US State Department International Arts Envoy Exchange, Poland |2019
  • Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL |2019
  • IMMERSE Festival, Orlando, FL |2019
  • Forward Motion Festival, Miami, FL |2019
  • Florida Dance Festival, Tampa, FL |2019
  • US State Department International Arts Envoy Exchange, China |2017
  • US State Department International Arts Envoy Exchange, Russia |2015, 2016, 2017
  • National Dance Education Organization Conference, Tampa, FL |2014